U6-U8 Registration & Rules U6-U8 Rules

Create a Team

Maximum roster size: 10 players.

Team manager/team contact will complete the registration form and submit the payment.

All teams are required to submit a team roster with players first and last names, phone numbers, and birthdate. Roster should include subs. Rosters need to be finalized by the 2nd week of games. After this point, your team is not allowed to update your roster.

U6-U8 leagues offered: Boys & Girls (Coed team= Boys league).

Age group for league play is based off the oldest child’s birthday:

Born in 2011 (U6)
Born in 2010 (U7)
Born in 2009 (U8)

Teams must play to the oldest player on the roster. E.g. if there is a player that falls into the U8 category and the rest of the team falls into the U7 category, the team must play U8.

Teams that have registered for Session 1 or Session 3 before the designated Session 2 deadline will have a guaranteed spot in Session 2 unless the session fill sup before the deadline.

Each player is responsible for submitting their own medical waiver. Player cards are not required for U6-U8 players.

Looking for a team for your child to play on? Contact Roni: roni.andrew@brookfieldindoor.com.

Visit www.futbolitofc.com


U6-U8 Days of Play: Saturday, Sunday.

Teams are allowed to request up to 2 dates & times in which their team cannot play.

Scheduler will attempt to accommodate all requests but there may be times in which requests cannot be granted.

Game Times/ Closed Days

Saturday and Sunday games will be played between 7am-11pm (U6-U8 typically played between 8am-6pm).

Closed for the following holidays:

  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • July 4th
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Payment Process

Session 1 and Session 3 payment MUST be paid in full at time of registration.

Payment must be made with credit card (Mastercard/Visa/Discover).

If payment cannot be made by credit card, personal checks can be mailed/dropped off with registration form and payment in full, regardless of session.

When registering for session 2, a minimum must be paid when paying by credit card. The remaining balance will be processed after 10 days.

If session 2 payment cannot be made by credit card, payment must be paid in full by personal check.

No refunds, credits, or discounts will be given for the following reasons:

  • Forfeited games, which includes forfeits by opponent
  • Stoppage of game due to player/team/coach/spectator misconduct or injury
  • Inclement weather
  • Teams suspended from playing in league
  • Teams that drop out of league after schedules are posted
  • Individual player refunds

Waiver/Roster Forms

Players do not need a player card but must submit a medical waiver before the start of your team’s first game. Only one waiver is required per indoor season. Teams must fill out a roster and turned into concessions by team’s first game. Team rosters must be approved and stamped at the start of the first game. However teams can add players to the roster up until the second weeks of games, but a new roster must be approved and stamped at concessions. Team roster should include players first and last names, phone numbers, and birthdate. Roster should include subs. Rosters need to be finalized by the 2nd week of games. After this point, your team is not allowed to update your roster.

*Individuals utilizing Brookfield Indoor do so at their own risk. The property (owner), league operations, and staff assume no liability for any injuries or accidents that may occur. Please reference the medical waiver.

League Scheduling/Standings/Scoring

Teams will have a majority of their games scheduled on the primary day of play (first day listed). Teams will be required to play some games on their alternate day of play. This is due to teams conflicts or conflicts within the master schedule.

After registration deadline, schedules will be posted on the website two-three days before teams’ first scheduled game. To plan ahead: let families know that your team will be playing the first weekend when session begins (see session dates) between 8am-6pm until schedules are released.

The team contact will receive an email when schedules are posted. Schedules are subject to change at the discretion of Midwest Orthopedic Sports Complex.

*When schedules are released, schedules may be adjusted due to teams being in the wrong age or gender group*

There will be NO reschedules.

Midwest Orthopedic Sports Complex is not responsible for games that are forfeited.

During league play, teams will earn points as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. Accumulated points will determine a round robin league champion. In the circumstance that two teams are tied, the following tiebreakers will go into effect:

  1. Head to Head competition
  2. Fewest goals allowed
  3. Most goals scored
  4. Goal differential (goals scored minus goals allowed; maximum 5 goals per game)
  5. Most shutouts

Additional Player: if a team is behind by five goals or more, they have the option to add ONE additional player. Only one player may be added, regardless of how far behind the team is (e.g. if the score is 2-12, the losing team may not have two additional players).

Games are recorded with a 10 goal difference in recreational level of play. (e.g. game score 4-20, game recorded on standings as 4-14).

If a game is forfeited, the opposing team will receive a 5-0 victory recorded. If a team must forfeit a game an email must be sent to: general@brookfieldindoor.com at least 24 hours prior to scheduled game.

If there are any incorrect scores or standings please send the correct information to: noelle.stordock@brookfieldindoor.com

Game Day Procedures

  1. Teams are able to warm up in the bay areas behind the fields
  2. It is the responsibility of the home team to switch jerseys in the event that both teams wear the same colors. Midwest Orthopedic Sports Complex is not able to supply any shirts or pinnies to teams
  3. Teams do not receive any warm-up time on the fields
  4. Winning coach must sign the referee card at the end of the game. Make sure to check that the score is correct and the correct team is circled.
  5. Clear the field area as quickly as possible and clean up all trash. Players and coaches are the only people permitted on the field. NO SPECTATORS on the field
  6. Players may wear molded cleats, turf shoes, or flats. No metal cleats or screw-ins are allowed.
  7. Players MUST wear shin guards at all times during league play. No shin guards = no play.

Referee concerns/complaints/compliments

Referees that are appointed to officiate over each game have total authority and all decisions that are made in connection to that game are final. Referees are independent subcontractors and are not employees of Midwest Orthopedic Sports Complex. Midwest Orthopedic Sports Complex management will oversee the referee staff through periodic checks, written exams, and constructive criticism. If you have a major concern about a referee or a game in progress, please bring it to management’s attention right away to ensure that the issue is resolved. Management can be found at the concession stand. All other complaints or compliments can be emailed to: noelle.stordock@brookfieldindoor.com

Number of Players and Game Duration

U6/U7/U8 4 field players (no goalkeepers) 4 x 12 minute quarters *Teams need 3 players to start the game*


Substitutions may occur on the fly provided the player leaving the field and the player entering the field do not participate in play or seek to gain an advantage while both players are simultaneously on the field.


The clock will not stop for an injury.

In cases in which the coach, manager, or trainer must enter the field of play to attend to a player the player being attended to must leave the field. The injured player becomes eligible after the restart of the game.

Under no circumstances can a player be allowed to continue to play while he/she has an open wound and blood is evident.

Starts/Restarts of Play

Games are divided into four 12 minute quarters.

The visiting team has kickoff in the first and third quarters and the home team in the second and fourth quarters. Teams change sides (goals) after half time.

A goal is scored when the ball hits the back of net inside the goal, provided the attacking team has not committed any infractions.

The ball is out of bounds when the ball crosses the out-of-bounds line or goes over the board that is blocking the goal. The ball is placed where it was kicked out of bounds from.

If the ball gets stuck behind the goal or touches the back/side net, the defensive team will be awarded a goal kick, regardless of who kicks the ball behind the goal.

Only coaches and players are allowed on the bench during league games. Parents and other children are not allowed on the field, player benches, or behind the goal.

ALL kicks are direct this includes kicks from the side line and kickoffs.

For all free kicks, 5 steps is granted for the offense.

There is no off side in indoor play.


A player who kicks, trips, strikes, elbows, jumps at, pushes, holds, chargers, obstructs, or performs an intentional hand-ball shall be penalized by awarding a free kick to the opposing team. Any fouls committed by the defending team in its penalty area shall result in a free kick from the penalty dot. Defending players are not allowed inside the box.

Unsportsmanlike conduct penalties: may be assessed at the discretion of the referee. These penalties shall be administered by the issuing of a yellow card. A coach, or player that is not on the field can receive an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for abusive language or any other conduct that the referee deems to be offensive and or abusive.

All fouls result in a direct free kick

The player taking the free kick cannot touch the ball until another player has touched the ball. If the player taking the free tick touches the ball prior to another player touching the ball a free kick will be rewarded to the other team at the place where the ball was touched. The wall does not count; a player must touch the ball.


Slide tackling at any time during a game is considered a foul. The Complex defines a slide tackle as sliding on the ground, toward a player in order to dispossess him/her of the ball. Players are allowed to slide.

Additional Info

The complex is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

There is a limited first aid kit available at the concessions stand. In case of an emergency, please call 911 and inform management.

The wearing of jewelry during a game is at the discretion of the referee.