Frequently Asked Questions

Red Cards

How long does a suspension last?

When a player receives a red card they will automatically be thrown out of the game that they are currently playing in. Their player card will be taken by the referee and turned into BISC management after the game. The team will play down a player for a 5 minute time span regardless of how many goals are scored. The player that received the red card must leave the bench area immediately and will be suspended for the next game, along with any other teams that he/she might play on until the suspension is completed. BISC management reserves the right to extend any suspensions based on the infraction that had occurred.

How can I get my card back?

Any player receiving a red card will receive an e-mail within 3 business days notifying them on the length of their suspension. At that time directions will be given on how to pick-up his/her player card. Suspended player cards will be kept in a folder stating when the card can be returned, insuring that players do not receive their card back early.

Player Cards

Guest passes

A one-time guest pass can be purchased for $5 at concessions as long as a medical waiver is signed. Teams are not allowed to have a guest player for any league championship games.

If I don’t send info in ahead of time can I still play?

Yes, you can still play if you do not send in your player card information, but please leave plenty of time prior to your game in order to have your card produced. At least 30 minutes prior to your play is safe.

What type of ID do I need?

In order to have a player id produced, no legal documentation is needed.

How do I pay for the card?

Payment for player cards is taken care of when the card is picked up at BISC. Cards can be picked up prior to player’s first game. There is no need to make a special trip to pick-up the card. Cash and Checks will be the only forms of payment taken for player cards.

How do I get my card?

Cards can be picked up at the front desk or at the concession stand. There will be additional staff at the beginning of sessions to assist those that need help. Players must send in a digital photo along with the required information at least 3 business days prior to their first game to insure that the card will be complete. Please refer to the league information tab for all detailed information regarding player cards and what their purpose is.

Medical waivers

All players are required to turn in a medical waiver at the time they receive their player card. If the player is under the age of 18 a parent or legal guardian must sign on their behalf. Player cards will not be given out unless a medical waiver is received.

Team Roster

All teams must submit a hard copy of their roster, along with any potential subs that might be used for that particular session, prior to the start of the first game. BISC will keep a copy here for our records and teams must have a copy with them at all indoor games. BISC will stamp the roster at the beginning of each session. All that is required on the team roster is first and last name.


Are you open if weather is bad?

The building is almost always open regardless of the weather, but in the case of inclement weather teams will be notified by e-mail, along with a posting on the BISC website if the building were to close. If the building were to close those games will not be played and refunds will not be awarded to those teams or class participants. The games scheduled for that day will go down as a 0–0 tie in the standings.

Why are all my conflicts not accommodated?

We do our best to accommodate all requests, but there are times in which teams have conflicting conflicts and unfortunately one team will not receive their request.

How do I become a referee?

Any interested persons looking to become a referee please contact BISC management at for further information. All referees interested must be certified referees.

How do I file complaint about a referee?

There is a manager on duty at all times that the facility is open and they can be found at concessions. They will be able to assist in any questions or comments about a referee. In the case that they are unable to assist, please contact BISC management at We do prefer to have complaints about referees in writing, so when we talk to them about the incident in questions we can refer to the e-mail. All referees at BISC are not employees of the complex, they are outside contractors.

Are animals allowed in the complex?

Animals are not allowed in the building with the exception of service animals.

Are outside food and beverage allowed?

Outside food and drink are not allowed to be brought into the complex. Water bottles are okay, but other drinks and food are not allowed.

Is there ever free time on the field?

We offer an open play for adults during the summer months on Thursday nights from 7pm–10pm at a cost of $5 per player. Specific dates will be posted at when open play will start and conclude. We also have time available for rental from 3:30pm–5pm Monday–Friday along with late night hours. Any persons interested in rentals please contact BISC management at

How can I get on a team?

BISC does not place players on teams, but at times we do have teams that come to us looking for additional players. If a person is interested in playing and can’t find a team please e-mail BISC your contact information along with age and if any teams come to us looking for players we will make sure to pass along the information. For players that fall into the U6–U8 leagues please look at the Team Futbolito tab under youth programs as we do put teams together for those ages.

If I have a complaint, who do I contact?

Any complaints can be sent to or management can be reached at 262-781-1439 Monday–Friday between 9am–2pm.


When do schedules come out?

Schedules are released at a worst case scenario 3–4 days prior to team’s first game. Schedules will be posted at and team contacts will also receive an e-mail when they are complete.

Why do schedules take so long?

There are no computer programs that can accommodate all that we need to do for leagues, thus all schedules are done by hand. To better serve teams we do allow teams to request 2 dates that could potentially be conflicts, which does take a good amount of time to work around.

How does the scheduling process work?

After the registration deadlines for all brackets have closed we then break leagues into brackets, pass along those brackets to our scheduler, the complete schedules are then sent back to BISC to be reviewed twice prior to being released to teams.

If the other team doesn't’t show up what happens?

If a team knows that they will be unable to make a game for whatever reason we do ask that they contact us at least 48 hours prior to that game, so we can notify their opponent. Teams are asked to contact us at if they are unable to make a game. At that time BISC will notify their opponent and the field can then be used for a practice or scrimmage. Refunds will not be given if a team’s opponent forfeits a game. If a team does not have enough players to play teams are welcome to combine and scrimmage, with a referee.

Types of shoes

Players are allowed to wear their outdoor cleats, but no screw-in or metal cleats are allowed, turf shoes, flats, and tennis shoes are welcome.

Do jerseys need numbers?

Jerseys do not need to have numbers, but all players U9–Adult must have player cards.

Is slide tackling allowed?

Slide tackling is not allowed, but sliding is. A player can’t slide at an opponent who has control of the ball, that would be slide tackling. A player is allowed to slide to save a goal or to stop a ball as long as the opponent does not have control of the ball.

Can players play while wearing a cast?

Players are allowed to play with a soft cast that is wrapped in some sort of protective padding. The referee for each game does have the final say if a player can play with a cast.

Can players play while wearing earrings?

Players can play with earrings as long as they are taped, but each referee has the final say if they will allow them.

Is there warm-up time on the field?

Teams do not receive warm-up time on the field as there is plenty of open space behind the fields for a proper warm-up.

What do teams get for winning the league?

Teams that win their respective league at U6-Adult will receive championship t-shirts that can be picked up at concessions the day of that particular game. In the case of a round robin we will wait until all games are complete before awarding shirts, unless there is a clear champion.

What age can my child start playing?

BISC offers leagues starting at U6 (5 year olds) along with our Futbolito youth classes that start at age 3. Information regarding Futbolito can be found under the youth programs tab.